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22. 12. 2021


Kerio Connect and Kerio Control provide campus-wide email communication and network security.

PRAGUE, December 1, 2021 – GFI Software, a provider of security and management solutions for enterprise networks, said the Rumburk High School of Media Graphics and Printing is using Kerio Connect and Kerio Control to provide reliable e-mail and network security for the entire campus. The solution is deployed and managed by FiMA, GFI Software’s partner on the Czech market.

The vocational school in Rumburk teaches students in the printing industry. The school campus is located in the centre of Rumburk and is divided into theoretical teaching, vocational training, boarding and catering. The entire campus is completely networked and covered with WiFi connection and due to the dormitory and the large number of pupils it also uses a hosted network for WiFi connection.

The school uses a Kerio Connect solution including a mail server, clients and as a web interface, allowing teachers to log in to emails flexibly and securely on different computers in different classrooms. Kerio Control then allows access via a secure VPN network and protects against surfing unsafe sites in particular. What customers appreciate most about the solutions is the ease of installation, the ease of use and setup, and the good cooperation with the vendor, who is available if they need quick help to solve any problem.

“We chose the products because of the wide range of functionality combined with a very interesting pricing policy for the school sector,” said Jiri Malypetr, LAN administrator at the school. “Even though this policy has changed somewhat in the meantime, the working technical support we receive from FiMA and eventually ZEBRA SYSTEMS support itself certainly makes up for it. The role of the partner has been significant in setting up the number of licenses, the strategy for deploying products into our complex network and the financial aspects associated with, for example, the recent move to the GFI Unlimited licensing model.”

GFI Software’s GFI Unlimited model offers access to all of GFI Software’s communications and IT security applications for a single subscription fee, and any of them can be combined depending on specific needs. Compared to purchasing standalone applications, customers with GFI Unlimited save money just from activating two products, making it ideal for small and medium-sized organizations. For more information, visit www.gfi-unlimited.cz.

About FiMA

FiMA specializes in IT systems management, supplying complex systems (cabling, computers, servers, copiers and consumables) and then providing support to its users. It guarantees clients express service interventions in case of breakdown. Since the start of its activities in 1996, it has already built up a stable clientele in the SME sector.

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