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21. 6. 2022


High responsibilities and increasing user demands are increasing the stress on IT staff

PRAGUE, June 21, 2022 – ZEBRA SYSTEMS, a distributor of N-able solutions on the Czech and Slovak markets, has found through its survey of partners that the average number of users each IT administrator takes care of is growing – 40% of Czech IT administrators now take care of more than 150 users each, and 11% even more than 300 users. Increasing demands from users and the responsibility for the smooth running of corporate networks are increasing the stress on administrators and can, in extreme cases, lead to higher error rates or IT staff turnover.

The average size of a company’s IT infrastructure is constantly growing and so is its importance in everyday business. This places enormous demands on ensuring that it runs with minimal downtime and is secure from cyber incidents. IT administrators are coming under pressure from both business executives and users increasingly dependent on a range of IT tools and services, so they are looking for ways to increase their productivity while not compromising on security.

Key findings from partners:

  • 9% of IT administrators care about fewer than 30 users, 13% care about 30 to 75 users, 38% care about 75 to 150 users, 29% care about 150 to 300 users, and 11% care about more than 300 users.
  • The main reasons for the high stress of IT administrators are high responsibilities (71% of respondents), increasing user demands (56%), too many tools in use (29%) and the growth of cyber attacks (27%).
  • Key to increasing their productivity is a higher level of automation (70%), integration of IT management tools (56%), a comfortable work environment (37%) and increased corporate IT budgets (26%).


“N-able estimates that up to 90% of a typical IT administrator’s activities can be automated today,” said Ondřej Šabata, Sales Engineer for N-able solutions at ZEBRA SYSTEMS. “Tools such as N-able RMM or N-central allow to both integrate IT administration into a single console and to convert routine tasks into automated mode and focus on activities with higher added value. The time saved then allows IT administrators to efficiently manage multiple devices, users and customers, increasing their revenue.”

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