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25. 3. 2022


Attacks are on the rise, phishing, DDoS and ransomware are the most common.

PRAGUE, March 23, 2022 – ZEBRA SYSTEMS, a distributor of N-able solutions in the Czech and Slovak markets, announced the results of a survey by N-able, which found that the rapid growth of cyber attacks is leading 7 out of 10 SMB customers of managed service providers (MSPs) to increase their IT budgets. 82% of providers are seeing an increase in attacks on their clients.

State of the Market report: The New Threat Landscape, is based on responses from 500 respondents from US and European SMBs. The report also looked at, among other things, the change in working practices as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent change in cyber attackers’ activities. The survey notes that with the continuous evolution of cybersecurity threats, MSPs must keep up with the latest trends so that they can effectively protect their customers.

“MSPs have experienced a challenging pandemic period during which they have had to ensure their customers’ infrastructures function under vastly different circumstances,” said David Kinon, Security Solutions Manager at N-able. “But cyber attackers worked just as hard to use the new circumstances to their advantage. MSP firms need to understand how various security threats are evolving and, based on that, improve their protection and that of their customers with the help of the MSP tools available.”

The most interesting findings:

  • 82% of MSPs are seeing an increase in attacks on their customers, from an average of 8 to 14 attacks per month.
  • Many customers are only using basic IT security features such as automated backups, but other key tools are missing. Most MSPs offer two-factor authentication to clients, but only 40% install it on their own systems.
  • The most common attacks are (in that order) phishing, DDoS and ransomware.
  • As a result of a successful attack on customers, more than 50% of MSPs report financial losses, 46% loss of customers, 45% loss of reputation and 28% loss of customer trust.
  • 70% of SMB customers are planning to increase their IT security budgets, with an average planned budget growth of 7%, presenting an exciting opportunity for MSPs.
  • One of the key recommendations to mitigate the growing risks is to automate critical areas of IT security.


The N-able survey can be downloaded at: https://www.n-able.com/resources/state-of-the-market-the-new-threat-landscape

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