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9. 12. 2021


This year’s security threats have prompted MSPs to expand their offerings to include cybersecurity services.

PRAGUE, 29 November 2021 – ZEBRA SYSTEMS, a distributor of N-able solutions in the Czech and Slovak markets, said that growing cyber security risks have prompted MSP service providers to significantly expand their offerings with IT security services in 2021. Given the scale of the threats, traditional managed service providers (MSP) are gradually becoming managed security service providers (MSSP).

In 2021, N-able, a provider of tools for MSPs, noted the following major cyber threat trends:

  • While previously attackers encrypted and extorted data, this year, in addition, these tactics were “enriched” by the threat of sensitive data disclosure. This increases the pressure on affected organisations, who would rather pay the ransom than pay the fine for GDPR breaches and loss of reputation.
  • Expanding attack vectors. Email continues to be the main attack vector, but due to the large number of remote workers, the level of attacks over the RDP protocol has increased significantly over the last two years.
  • Fileless attacks. There is an increasing prevalence of so-called “fileless” attacks that run in system memory and do not modify files as malware does. This makes it difficult for traditional antivirus, which relies on scanning files to detect infections.
  • Attacks on SMEs: Recently, there has been an increase in so-called ‘supply chain’ attacks, which involve attacking IT service providers and gaining access to the data of large numbers of end users. For attackers, this is a much more effective method than attacking individual organizations, and for MSP providers it means the need to better secure their own infrastructure, both internally and externally.

“Traditional remote monitoring and management services are a necessary but not sufficient condition in today’s world,” said Ondřej Šabata, Sales Engineer for N-able solutions at ZEBRA SYSTEMS. “The current level of cyber threats requires the involvement of a wide range of IT security tools to cover all new vectors and methods of cyber attackers. MSPs are now required to take a much more proactive role in managing and protecting their customers’ IT infrastructures.”

ZEBRA SYSTEMS, together with N-able, is offering MSP (and MSSP) providers a convenient way to acquire IT security tools so that they can immediately expand their offerings to include IT security services. More information on N-able’s special offering of security tools for MSP partners, including endpoint protection, password management, backup and more can be found at: https://www.zebra.cz/n-able-crack-the-msp-code/.
Recording of a webinar on N-able’s security tools are available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX5eEskNI_g.

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