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31. 1. 2022


Threats like Log4j are already unmanageable with normal break/fix tools.

PRAGUE, January 25, 2022 – ZEBRA SYSTEMS, a distributor of N-able solutions in the Czech and Slovak markets, said that the main reasons for traditional IT providers to switch to the MSP model are the need for higher productivity and automation when dealing with increasingly demanding customer requirements. Last year we also saw the emergence of more extensive security threats that can no longer be effectively eliminated with the traditional break/fix approach.

Among the most serious incidents, from the perspective of IT service providers, were supply chain attacks, which allow access to client data through unsecured provider infrastructure. Towards the end of 2021, a vulnerability was discovered in the Log4j library that compromised hundreds of software systems used by organisations around the world. The scale of such attacks is already beyond capabilities of those IT service providers who rely heavily on a reactive approach to incidents.

Many of them are transitioning or adding MSP services to their portfolio, built on proven RMM platforms with integrated cybersecurity tools. Key benefits of integrated remote management and monitoring (RMM) solutions include:

  • Automation of routine activities – according to some data, it allows you to save up to 240 hours per year per employee, thus they can focus on key tasks.
  • Automated patch management – allows you to handle updates to a large number of software systems and minimize the risk of infections.
  • Intelligent endpoint protection – allows you to better respond to zero-day threats that are not detectable by conventional antivirus.
  • Fast and secure remote access – especially in the situation of a higher number of users working from home.
  • Higher productivity – with modern MSP tools, a single technician can manage up to 1,000 endpoints at customers’ sites.
  • Transparent customer relationships – with consistent quoting, reporting and billing of MSP services.


“There have been several security incidents in the last year that point to a drive for greater efficiency in cyberattacks,” said Ondrej Šabata, Sales Engineer for N-able solutions at ZEBRA SYSTEMS. “Unfortunately for IT service providers, this means that they must make at least the same effort to protect their customers. Thus, the necessary trend is to move from a reactive IT service delivery model to a proactive MSP approach using a RMM platform integrating security tools such as endpoint protection, email protection, password management or patch management.”

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