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16. 3. 2022

Survey: over 90% of Czech Acronis partners can recover from a critical disaster within 24 hours

Acronis has presented the results of a survey showing that more than 90% of Acronis partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are able to restore their customers’ operations after a critical disaster within 24 hours. The survey was conducted in February 2022 among ZEBRA SYSTEMS resellers, Acronis’ representative in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Southeast Europe.

The survey revealed that the vast majority of partners are backing up their customers at least every day, and in the case of some mission-critical systems, every hour. However, it is important that in the event of a disaster, partners are able to restore systems from backed-up data to normal operation as soon as possible. Deliberate cyber-attacks are an increasingly common cause of such crashes, and eliminating them requires reliable cyber-protection of the backed-up data, such as ransomware protection.

Highlights of the survey findings include:

  • 79% of partners said they back up their customers’ data daily, 4% hourly, and 10% in some other way (most often a combination). Only 5% of partners back up weekly and 2% monthly.
  • 9% of partners can restore data within 1 hour, 32% within 4 hours, 50% within 24 hours and 9% within one week.
  • In the last year, most partners have dealt with a ransomware attack (38% of respondents)
  • Phishing attacks in the form of suspicious emails most often take the form of non-existent packages, (35%), fake invoices (23%) and requests for login details (22%).


“Currently, the typical attack scenario is a phishing email, which when opened results in the delivery of ransomware and subsequent data encryption,” said Aleš Hok, Sales Director at ZEBRA SYSTEMS. “At that point, it is essential to have a reliable Disaster Recovery system that allows you to quickly restore critical systems from securely stored data. But it is absolutely best to have a comprehensive cyber protection platform, such as our partners, that eliminates the risk of such an attack.”

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