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29. 3. 2022

Acronis Data Center in Prague after one year: more than 2,000 protected devices and huge interest in Disaster Recovery

Acronis said that one year after the launch of its Prague Acronis Data Center, it has registered more than 2,000 protected devices and 150 TB of data located in the Czech Republic. Among the fastest growing services provided are cloud-based Disaster Recovery (up 800%) and the cybersecurity segment in general, with data protection against malware, patch management and monitoring services.

“The local data centre provides Czech customers with geographical proximity, which significantly accelerates communication between the primary device and the cloud location,” said Štěpán Bínek, responsible for sales of Acronis cloud solutions at ZEBRA SYSTEMS. “This contributes to greater customer confidence, and for clients from the public sector as well as private companies it is also a great advantage in terms of legislation and GDPR requirements.”

The Prague data centre meets the stringent Up-Time Institute TIER III, PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and other standards. Located in a highly secure facility, the centre is built specifically to run servers and other technologies. It has powerful cooling, backup power, priority fuel supply and round-the-clock security. It is ideal for companies that need to be assured of rapid IT recovery in the event of a failure of the primary site or the primary site itself.

In addition to Prague, Acronis’ global data centre network includes centres in the USA, UK, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Germany, Spain, Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada, Poland, Bulgaria and Singapore. With a data centre in Prague, local service providers have a storage facility where they can store their clients’ critical data. MSPs can also benefit from the full suite of managed cloud services and cyber protection solutions available within the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform.

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