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24. 2. 2022

Czech freestyle team goes fast and safe with Acronis

Acronis said that the Czech Freestyle Moguls Team has successfully deployed and is using Acronis Cyber Files Cloud, a data sharing and synchronization solution. The Acronis solution has enabled the team to cope with the high demands of capturing and managing training and competition data, as well as creating and publishing information for presentation purposes.

Czech Freestyle Mogul Team is a national team of acrobatic skiing competing in Single Moguls and Dual Moguls at Czech, European and World competitions. The team, which is part of the Czech Ski Association, is on the road for most of the year during the three main phases of the season, i.e. summer training, on-snow training and the winter competition season. During all three phases, video equipment is used, most often static and GoPro video cameras to take recordings of individual runs, which are analysed and evaluated.

Currently, the Moguls team has over 75GB of data stored on the Acronis Cyber Files Cloud containing data from the last 5 seasons. The main advantage of Acronis storage is the clear location of all the team’s material in one central location, easily accessible from anywhere. This makes it easy to analyze the development of the athletes over the seasons. An important factor is the convenient data management, where time-limited access can be set very easily for those users who can access a specific folder or file. The second significant change is the significantly improved data security, which provides protection against proliferating cyber-attacks.

“Compared to the previous practice, when we had to search for records and other information stored on various computers and disks, we now have everything organized in one place and clearly organized by folders,” said Daniel Honzig, the MOGULS SKIING team leader. “In addition to quick data navigation, security and access control, Acronis cloud storage has also allowed us to free up space on other computers and devices.”

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud is a data synchronization, sharing and file access solution providing a complete and secure collaboration environment. For end-customers, it increases user productivity and provides complete control over all corporate content, ensuring security, regulatory compliance and enabling the adoption of mobile data access, including bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Users can use any device to securely access data and to sync and share files with other employees, customers, partners or suppliers.

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